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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 18, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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hard to comprehend. hundreds of homes and apartments are damaged. come are condemned as crews make repairs on others. a live look right now for cleanup operations. we're still waiting to see if all of this destruction was, in fact, caused by tornado. wjz is causing cleanup and recovery efforts. derek valcourt has more. but we begin with mike schuh in northeast baltimore. mike? >> vic, whatever it was, it was powerful. tore all of those roofs off, destroyed homes. this is a large piece of copper. it was up on a roof that just twisted to the side like it was a matchstick. people are wondering what it was. but what they know is they have a lot. cleanup ahead. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: northeast baltimore has never seen anything like this. >> we have not had an ib -- instant like that as long as i can remember. when you have 359 units and everybody has to move out at one time, that's devastating. >> reporter: men in trees.
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trees torn from the earth. metal everywhere. before the cleanup, police check ids. and only allow residents near these buildings. >> this building is condemned. everyone had to move out. there are 54 units like this, where they have been condemned. and of those 54, the city has managed to find for 40 of the units, places for people to stay. >> reporter: laura dixon's roof will be at her relative's house. >> i was asleep. felt like a freight train coming through. >> everybody says that. >> it does. it shakes. like literally shakes. >> reporter: the next second, her roof is gone. >> i just looked up. >> no roof. >> no roof. >> reporter: you can understand why her possessions aren't that important. >> oh, god is good. i'm still here. i'm still here. that's all that matters to me. no one got hurt and i'm safe. >> reporter: as good as these pictures are at capturing the damage, they don't begin to capture what you feel when you're here. even the mayor is surprised. >> it was a true miracle. and i want to take a moment to
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thank god for sparing lives yesterday. >> reporter: you look in any direction from where you stand amidst this devastation, and you're going to see police. there is a huge police presence. our colleague, kelly mcpherson, has a story coming up tonight, about some folks who were looted. and that's one of the reasons why there were so many police out here in force. reporting live, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you. first warning weather coverage continues with derek valcourt in parkville. how is it looking out there tonight, derek? >> because of the darkness, most of the cleanup for today is done. but i can guarantee, a lot of folks out here will be working at it. there are still dozens and dozens of trees. homes that need a lot of repair work here in the parkville and carne area. >> reporter: in parts of parkville today. saws were buzzing. hatchets were flying. and limbs were falling. >> total debris all over the house. it was just a mess.
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>> reporter: homeowners up to their elbows in hard work. >> just a little sweat. >> reporter: because it's not just one or two trees down. dozens of monstrous trees have toppled. >> do you see and trees standing? 3 there's one. but every one has been hit. >> reporter: so many trees down, the power company is still out in force. as are contractors, working to quickly repair and replace. >> some of these yards look like a disaster zone, with trees down everywhere. many of the homeowners still waiting for their insurance adjustors to come out with the damage. >> i don't know how much they're going to cover. >> no matter where the money comes from, it all adds up to a busy bonanza. >> it's going to make a lot of people happy to do this for a living, like me. >> reporter: but homeowners like cameron brendon aren't smiling. he's lost too much and knows the cleanup ahead won't be easy. >> that's a lot of damage. >> how long do you think you'll be cleaning? >> probably about two weeks.
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>> that's the sentiment from a lot of folks around here. fire officials, meanwhile, say that 92 homes were damaged in baltimore county. three of them damaged so badly that they were deemed uninhab tal. most of those -- uninhabitable. most of those staying with family and friends. was it a tornado? the official word from the national weather service is expected pretty soon. meteorologist tim williams explains why it is so difficult to determine. >> well, vic, was it a tornado? that's the one thing we don't know. what we do know is the 85-mile- per-hour winds, clocked at the overnight hours tuesday night, are going to create destruction, no matter whether they come from a it happened or straight-line winds. straight-had line winds are destructive winds created from a microburst. typically, they splinter off from the jet stream. hit the ground and take off, basically with a force. they will continue to pick up speed until they hit something. typically the type of damage that you see, hitting trees and
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apartment buildings. tornadic activity, tornadoes, will create the same level of wind. but it will be the same level, thrown in the pattern of the spin of the tornado. that is what we're looking at. we know, however, that the national weather service has followed a path of destruction and damage from morgan state university, all the way to carne. and also, what we're awaiting is the official word. we're expecting that at any hour, vic. that could come any minute now. check in for complete coverage of first warning weather. for updates on the forecast and live doppler radar any time, log onto an entire baltimore county neighborhood, locked down after a suspect barricades himself inside his randallstown home, after shooting his wife. wjz is live. suzanne collins tells us exactly what happened. suzanne? >> and denise, after the shooting, it was a dramatic moment when the couple's 8-year- old son had to run out of the house to safety, and into the arms of police. and then there was concern that shots could be fired in that neighborhood.
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[ dog barking ] >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team races to randallstown. an armored car is brought in. all for an armed man brought to his home. a medivac chopper flies his wife to shock trauma because she is shot multiple times, once in the face. >> the child is out of the house. and the child is safe right now. we're making every effort to make contact with the subject in the house. >> reporter: police had to rescue an 8-year-old boy who ran from the home. a king's park neighbor watched the drama. >> i saw him going through the woods back here, back at the house. and the police met him and carried him off to a secure location. >> police say this do domestic situation could have been brewing for days. they were called here tuesday, because neighbors heard such loud arguments coming from the house, they thought they should call 911. >> reporter: for four hours, people could not gi get in or out. -- not get in or out. >> i poured in and they stopped
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me. they sent me back. i've been here about two hours before waiting to get in. >> they don't know. they don't know how long it's going to be before you know, we're able to get to our homes. >> terence williams' family members wait in an independent school building throughout -- empty school building throughout the standoff. there is much emotion, when they are told he is dead. >> reporter: today, it was not the neighbors who called 911, but the wife of 36-year-old terrence wilson. >> wilson's wife, who has not yet been named by police, is in critical but stable condition in shock trauma. mary is live in the newsroom with new information on this gruesome crime. >> reporter: s police -- police in washington say that body is 36-year-old jocobow vasquez. he was found in braddock heights tuesday. police are looking for this man. 34-year-old marvin palensia, who they suspect shol shotand killed vasquez before dumping
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his body. palensia is at large tonight, believed to be driving a 2007 light green or gray minivan, with maryland tags, somewhat spelling out his last name. >> and of course, this man should be considered armed and dangerous. a warning, even if you don't love animals, this next story will disturb you. police will they have broken up another dog-fighting ring in the city. some of the dogs are being treated. weijia jiang has more on what police found. weijia? >> reporter: denise, unfortunately, not all of the dogs survived. but the ones that did are being treated right now. and caretakers say all of their injuries point to dog fighting. >> and you can see, right, charlie? >> debbie raul can't believe 5- year-old charlie is alive. >> he has bite wounds all over his face, side of his belly. he's missing teeth. they look like they were filed down or broken off. >> reporter: raul is the
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manager in baltimore, where charlie and five other pit bulls were taken late wednesday night. a police report revealed, investigators found the animals in a vacant row home on the 1600 block of payson avenue. >> that's gruesome. that's really horrible that people would stoop to that level. >> reporter: police say feces and urine were scattered throughout the house. they found the dogs in crates or tied up without food or water. most of them were covered in scars. and a 7th dog was found dead inside a garbage bag. its body badly abused. >> the officer who responded to the scene wrote in the report, he believes the dog fighting in the room happened inside the third floor. inside, he found a large amount of blood on the walls, the blood and -- the bed and the floor. >> you could hear them barking. and there was a bad odor coming from that house. >> we're hoping in cases like this that they bring charges and they show that this is wrong and the people are prosecuted to the fullest
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extent of the law. >> reporter: raul says she is certain charlie was used for fighting, and two puppies, including henry here, were in training. she urges anyone who suspects them to report them. >> reporter: there are persons of interest, but police have not made any arrests in this developing investigation. we're live in baltimore tonight, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, weijia. the dogs will be held at barcs. after that, they hope someone will adopt them. we have breaking news to tell you regarding the powerful storms. storms that hit early yesterday morning, damaged. as we have been telling you, damaged 400 apartments and homes. in the carne, parkville and northeast baltimore. wjz has just learned that it was a tornado. let's go back to meteorologist tim williams in the weather center. tim? >> you know, denise. this was a very difficult assessment for the national weather service to make, partially because it was actually a combination of straight-line winds and in fact a tornado that touched down
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briefly for five minutes. the statement said that this was, in fact, an enhanced fujita scale, f1 tornado. the way enhanced fujitas are, 86-mile-per-hour winds, to roughly 109-mile-per-hour. one really triggers damaging winds up to the moderate scale, which is exactly what you saw. trees knocked down. rooftops blown over. cars moved slightly across parking lots. and that was also embedded. and this was embedded in a line of straight line winds. again, winds that were splintered off from a strong tornado, thunderstorm. tornado spawned from that thunderstorm. straight-line winds came out of that thunderstorm. so very strong thunderstorms moved across, generated winds and a tornado that touched down for just about five minutes out of that storm. and again, that was in the range from just about morgan state university to the western edge of morgan state university, to approximately 5 miles northeast of the gun powder state park, which is up
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around the carne region. again, everything that you've seen, the combination of two different portions of a thunderstorm. straight-line winds and an ef-1 tornado. vic, back to you. one of the key figures in a massive ongoing federal investigation could have new problems on our hands tonight. kai is live in the newsroom with the latest on this high- profile case. leslie johnson and her husband, prince george's county executive jack johnson have been indicted for destroying evidence and lying to investigators. here you see investigators leaving their homes with boxes of evidence. now, prince george's county residents have started a petition to prevent leslie johnson who was elected to county council this month from taking office. state election officials say there is no law to prevent leslie johnson from being sworn in in january. vic? also, tonight, the head of maryland's republican party is calling for leslie johnson to resign. just hours ago, 50 people treated at st. joseph's medical center, filed new lawsuits,
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sparked by a federal investigation that found they may have undergone unnecessary heart surgeries. mike hellgren has the wjz news exclusive. these lawsuits allege negligence and fraud against st. joseph's medical center. and the man who was once one of its most prominent physicians. >> reporter: in these new lawsuits, patients claim dr. mark meday and st. joseph's medical center were careless and put them at risk. after stents placed in their arteries were not blocked enough to warrant the procedures. >> this was in direct response to the $22 million settlement reached between the united states government and st. joe's last week. >> reporter: in that bombshell settlement, st. joseph did not admit liability, but agreed to pay millions to the government for paying illegal kickbacks for patient referrals and
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gitting government money for procedures involving stents placed by dr. meday. >> i have had top institutions, including yale, review their angiogram films and determine independent of each other that they received a stent they didn't need. >> reporter: dr. medei has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, including a press conference last month. >> and i'm confident in everything that i've done, every decision i've made. >> reporter: initial concern arose, when more than 500 patients got letters from the hospital, saying they may not have needed stents. among them, susan carary, from parksville. >> it just doesn't seem right. doesn't seem right. >> reporter: the hospital issued a statement in response to these lawsuits. saying talks are ongoing. and sjmc has invited all attorneys to submit supporting it medical information so each claim can be properly and
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thoroughly evaluated. >> maryland lawmakers are now reviewing the use of stents statewide. reporting from saint joseph medical center, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. and dr. medei's lawyer said that j. milliken could file 500 lawsuits against his client, but he would have almost 0% success. not so fast. police want to take a second look at the incident in which ray rice stopped -- was stopped. the officer told him the tintding on has windows were too dark. rice tweeted about it, causing some people to say he got off because of his celebrity. and because rice's signature does have value, the chief wants to take another look at the matter. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. scare in the skies. more frightening, bomb-like materials found on another flight. what happened this time?
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taking a national lead. i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news. baltimore teachers talk about their new contract. ask the expert. if you are suffering from frequent pain, you can get much- needed help. stick around for details. an overcast thursday evening. bob will give you a look to the weekend coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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we have breaking news for you right now. firefighters arriving just at
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the scene. chopper 13 is over the scene. >> looks like a shed fire in rosedale, vic. this is 68th street, right off of pulaski highway and an industrial area. apparently, some type of semi trailer in the rear caught fire. as you can see, firefighters are making pretty quick work of it, nuthat it -- now that it has been burning apparently for sometime. we actually could see the smoke and flames coming from a distance miles away. this is primarily an industrial area. and no reports of injuries. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry. the anne arundel county fire department is coping with a loss. iris. the first county fire accelerant dog died from cancer. she joined the department in 2001, along with several weeks of intense training. along with her handler, iris participated in fire investigations. and her key nose helped in over 70 arrests, including those of
6:20 pm
arsonists. she retired in february 2008, shortly before her handler. pain management is something that affects many of us and can be difficult to handle at times. mary bubala has more. >> reporter: we're here as dr. dale bookfinder, chairman of the department of surgery, goodfinder. you're also a vascular surgeon. can you tell me some of the vascular conditions that can create leg pain? >> i think the most important that create leg pain are periphial arterial disease, or p.a.d. and in those conditions, you get blockages in the artery. they cause pain on walking. but there is a severe form that brings pain, tiply in your foot. and -- typically in your foot. and that type of pain can put your foot in danger of losing a leg. you need to get it evaluated right away. >> reporter: what are some of the treatments available? >> first, you should be
6:21 pm
evaluated by a doctor, so we can determine what kind of problem you have. treatments can include exercise, medication. and if the symptoms are severe enough, we have lots of procedures. like doing angioplasties, or taking theplasty out of the artery, as an outpatient. >> reporter: but the biggest thing is to get evaluated. that's why we have all of the volunteers in here answering questions. the phones have been ringing. tonight, we'll go back to vic in the studio. >> okay, mary. thank you. and if you want to ask the experts, can you call. >> all right. weekend. >> weekend is almost here, denise. >> yes, i know. >> plant those bulbs now, before the ground gets much colder. >> okay. this weekend, if you give me the right weather. >> you'll be fine. you'll be fine. and let's take a look at temperatures now. pretty pleasant afternoon. 49. west winds at 9. humidity, 49.
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barometer, 30.12. on the way back up. and we'lla v a look -- we'll have a look at friday and the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,, when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore,
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it was up to me to support our family. [ male announcer ] karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference... [ male announcer ] but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way.
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♪[ male announcer ]... with new breakfast melts. try the sunrise subway melt®, or the melt-tastic breakfast b.m.t. on flatbread. they're melted goodness made irresistibly delicious, get yours starting at 7am. subway. build your better breakfast. what kind of day was it? you called it a normal november day. we got up to 58 degrees. which is 3 degrees above our average for today. this morning, 38, which is
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4 degrees above our average, which is now down to 34. by theind of the weekend, our average low drops to freezing. yes, getting to be that time. 78. 20 of the records on this date here. in frf. we're gown to 49 now. dew point pretty low. already down to 31. and maybe a few snowflakes to the west of frostburg and 50 in ocean city. the winds now continue to be primarily out of the west and northwest. but a lot lighter than they have been the last 24 hours. most places, as you can see, less than 8 or 9, 10 miles an hour. a little weak system, across the ohio valley this afternoon. and the northern sections across mississippi, alabama and georgia. most of it just dissipated.
6:26 pm
as the system moves across the mountains, just kind of evaporated. you have some clouds. but they're pretty much dying out now. to the north, still very light showers and sprinkles. in a few shots -- spots, where it's colder. a few little blue specks there. a little light, flowy activity with chilly air. temperatures there in the mid- 30s. over the next 12 to 24 hours, it will get cooler tomorrow. weak low pressure passes to the south. then the winds go to the southwest. a little milder air coming in one day. another drops temperatures a little more on the end of the weekend. west winds on the bay. bay temp, around 54. sets at 4:50. tonight, then, clearing out. 36 by morning. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. a little cooler than today.
6:27 pm
a little nice. temperatures in the low 50s tomorrow afternoon. come back and take a look at the afternoon in a few minutes. still to in tonight on wjz eyewitness news. sure you want your receipt? what has some fast food customers outraged tonight. facing the music. long-serving congressman charles rangel learns his punishment for violating policy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is now 6:30. 49 degrees and some clouds. hello everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. german police are on the case of a possible bomb on a flight. charlie d'agata tells us what they uncovered. an air berlin flight landed safely in munich thursday morning, after a bomb scare in africa. during routine screening in namibbia, authorities found a bag with batteries, wired to ria fuse and clock, but no comploasessives. more than 300 passengers and crew were ordered aur the plane and all flts luggage and cargo
6:31 pm
were rescreened. police are still trying to determine who the bag belonged to. they are also looking for a report that the bag could have had a label indicating security test. interior minister says the nation faces a heightened risk from islamic militants. and that intelligence is warning an attack could happen at the end of the month. this woman says she is frightened and afraid. concern over cargo on international flights has been high. two male bombs were found on flights for yemen. one flight went through a german airport before being discovered by britain. german police are headed to africa to investigate the latest suspicious package. >> investigators say on all flights, they had to examine their bags.
6:32 pm
another shocking murder inside a carry-out restaurant. >> reporter: two men are in custody. and police are still looking for two more. 18-year-old sean johnson was arrested friday night, place say he walked in and announced a robbery. one of them shot and killed 20- year-old flores, who was visiting a friend inside that restaurant. both bunker and johnson are charged with first-degree murder. if you have information about the other two suspects, you're asked to call anne arundel county police. no verdict. a jury continues to deliberate in the chandra levy case. her body was not found for a year. prosecutors tried to link guandique to the crime by tying him to a pattern of other crimes committed by guandique. an unusual accident.
6:33 pm
a man working on 895 in lansdowne was injured while trimming a tree. he tumbled down an embankment. rescue crews were called to pull the man to safety. no word yet on his condition. ahead of the curve. baltimore teachers approve a contract that ties student performance to their pay raises. >> new contract, new confidence. >> as a parent of students in the baltimore city public school system, i'm excited about the contract. and i think other parents will be excited, too. >> pay raises or step increases. come to an end. the new contract provides a 4- tier ladder that will eventually be tied to student evaluation. had is a great career ladder for teachers. and hopefully parents and teachers will see it as such.
6:34 pm
>> it includes an automatic 15% pay raise. and a siphon. >> it's going to attract talent. >> it doesn't weaken the position of teachers by any means. it doesn't take away tenure. no one is being pushed back to any title. >> tying teacher evaluations to student performances, unchartered territory, which principal mark martin sees as a principal to the students. >> we need to see how our students are doing. and i think that's the direction that this contract is going to bring. >> the city of baltimore already boasts great kids and great schools. now, by all indications, it has a great teachers contract. reporting from east baltimore, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> and the state board of education still has to work out the guidelines for the performance-based evaluations. an emotional plea for mercy.
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house lawyer recommended censure for rangel. it's an embarrassing procedure, where rangel will be a public rebuke from the speaker of the house. the congressman pleaded his side, saying he was not corrupt, just careless when it came to the violations. driving a comeback. general motors returned to wall street as welcomed by investors with open arms. the company offered its stock to the public. and it surged nearly 7% in the first day of trading. gm took nearly half the company's stock. today's saling made $11.8 million back for the government. and this caused some renewed optimism on wall street. dow soared more than 170 point, closing at 11,181. s&p 500, up 18 points. nasdaq 500 up 31 points. gay and lesbian teenagers are two to four times more
6:36 pm
likely to commit suicide. a young man reveals why he almost ended his life. >> reporter: 13-year-old seth walsh hangs himself after classmates pick on him for being gay. zach harris takes his life, after listening to his rats rally against homosexuality for three hours in oklahoma. and tyler clemente, jumps off a bridge, after his classmate and a friend, secretly record him having a same-sex encounter and post it on the internet for the world to see. >> i think, that could have been me. >> reporter: chris grew up on the eastern shore, where classmates bullied him because he was gay. >> i was pushed around. derogatory names. >> what did they call you? [ derogatory name ] >> i attempted to kill myself.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: he downed four bottles of anti-psychotic pills. >> do you think the bullying you endured growing up contributed to that? >> of course. definitely. you feel like everybody else would be better off without you. >> there's an extremely large bullying victimization culture that goes beyond gays and lesbians. but they seem to be a prime target. >> reporter: linda goldman teaches at johns hopkins and she's written numerous books out of teenagers. nine out of 10 are harassed. and three out 10 skip school, fearing safety. >> when we ask ourselves, like what's the matter with gay kids today? i think the truer, deeper underlying condition is, what's the matter with society that separates instead of unifies. >> reporter: goldman also believes some hateful rhetoric, used in national debate over
6:38 pm
same sex marriage, and don't ask, don't tell is fueling this. >> why is that. >> policies that promote stereotyping and not accepting of one's self, absolutely leads to suicide ideas. there are several things we can do. take a look at ourselves. take a look at our own prejudices. make sure we hear them in ourselves. and that will help us to hear it in others. >> is there anything else -- something you can tell other kids now who might see this report and say, well, i'm the gay kid now being bullied in school? >> to know that you're not the only one. there's more out there. and things will get better. >> i was very lucky to survive. >> adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> numerous organizations to help gay and lesbian teens who are bullied. for a list of resources provided by linda goldman, go to our website, time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll see on the baltimore sun. a good sign has a number of
6:39 pm
maryland homeowners behind on their mortgage payments dropped for the first time since 2006. a drop in the blast. and bill maher brings his act to the lyric. we'll have more. >> still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. royal engagement. the guest list is being composed. but where will prince william and kate middleton marry? >> serious flames. investigators look into answers into a fatal fire. bob turk. first warning weather center. nice fall weekend shaping up. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands?
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gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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storetragic news from ohio. police say they have just found the bodies of three people missing since last week. a coroner says a young mother, her son, and a family friend were found dead, close to the place where they disappeared. the young daughter was found bound in a basement. a 30-year-old unemployed man is
6:43 pm
charged with her kidnapping. one man is dead after a massive house fire in oklahoma city. the owner of the home came to find her house in flames. her husband, who was disabled, was inside. the woman tried to get into the house, but she found the smoke was too heavy. by the time firefighters got there, the house was fully engulfed in flames. two california burger king employees are fired. a sacramento man says she asked drive-through employees if they could cut a burger in half so he could share it with his mother. he noticed an offensive comment was typed at the top, not once but twice, where the customer number is normally in place. both the manager and the employee of the store have been fired. now that prince william has proposed to his long-time girlfriend, kate middleton, where will the wedding be? the couple confirm it could be in london. and either westminster abbey or
6:44 pm
st. paul's cathedral. the destination could be announced early next year. it's important for me. because i need to know. >> check your calendar. clear the date. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. trillions of dollars in debt. how close is the u.s. to reaching its credit limit? we'll put debt and the deficit in focus tonight. only on the cbs evening news. ,,
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,, not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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okay. remember, i'm just the messengerrer-- messenger here. but last year, we were one month away from a blizzard. >> tis the season at bwi marshall to break out the hardware in case another hard winter is coming. >> have to remove all of the snow, not just like on the street, where you push it off to the side. all of the snow has to be removed. >> reporter: last winter, three big storms left a record six feet. that meant a record around-the- clock plowing. >> sometimes, you just follow behind the next guy and sty try to stay as safe as you can. >> reporter: staging equipment on a nice day, still takes training to master the landmarks and direction signals. not always easy when working
6:48 pm
around active runways and aircraft. >> aircraft always have the right of way. >> clear across runway 22. >> reporter: at bwi marshall, maintenance crews practice on this stimulator. >> we've digitized every sign, every light, every paint marking on the air field into this simulation. >> reporter: then they covered it all up to practice in snow. day and night. >> give them airfield familiarization, without actually being in the airport. >> runway, 422. host short. keep your eye out for traffic. it's absolutely critical. >> and they're ready for winter. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. bwi marshall has equipment on hand to deal with snow conditions. thank goodness. no conditions tonight.
6:49 pm
let's get the answer with bob turk, meteorologist tim williams. >> weet we get down into the mid-30s tomorrow. we'll see a good bit of sunshine. tomorrow, cooler than today. but then we start a warmup. tomorrow, we'll gradually get into a daytime high in the 50s. for the next five days, including into the holiday, we'll take it into bob. >> as you mentioned, there is no snow in our immediate five- day future. 52, 58 for saturday. and nice weekend. 53. a little cooler sunday. look at this. 63 by tuesday. 61 on monday. a chance of showers on wednesday before thanksgiving. >> that's all right. we can still get to grandmother's house. thank you, bob. still to come. it's a blast from the past. mark has the surprising details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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ravens play the carolina panthers next. you can tell how much that team has been struggling. today, carolina named their starter. it's a guy who earlier this week wasn't on any team and was changing his infant son's diapers. the ravens fans might remember him. he's brian st. pierre. he was a backup with the ravens in 2005, 2006. never played in a regular
6:53 pm
season game for baltimore. but as seen her, he -- here, he did play in some exhibition games. he's been with pittsburgh and arizona. also, he's thrown a total of five passes. brian st. pierre will start against carolina and the ravens sunday. donte stallworth. used a couple of end of the round runs. even if it means running the ball. it was fun. the guys did a really good job of blocking it. you know, it was fun and exciting. as the week goes on, hopefully to get my role expanded a little more on this offense. as i can go out and help more, regardless of what it is. i just enjoy being out there and helping teammates out. >> coach john harbaugh says stalworth is a candidate to also serve as punt returner.
6:54 pm
they are heavy favorites. coverage kicks off sunday at 1:00. college football news. has coach ralph friedgen is expected back. maryland's new athletic director says friedgen gets this. terps still in contention for the acc title. the maryland basketball team is getting ready for the big apple. they tip it off in about 15 minutes. terps are off to a 3-0 start. pit ranks fifth in the nation. tarhills, running up and down the court.
6:55 pm
up by 44. with about three minutes to go. baseball food. felix hernandez. hernandez has the best earned- run average. but playing on a poor team, he was --" credited with just 13 wins. that's the fewest votes ever for cy young. voters finally realizing that victory count doesn't necessarily measure a performance. u.s. soccer team had a special visit today, with nelson mandela. visit comes a day after. americans return home, having completed their international schedule for the year. 90s, sports fans. 90s, sports fans. big day for that teamam,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. the mentalist. that's it for us tonight at 6:6:
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>> couric: tonight, the war on debt, an exclusive interview with the two men who hope to shock congress into action. >> they won't have any choice. they either agree or sit and watch the wreckage. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, how runaway government spending has exploded the national debt. and nearly $14 trillion and climbing, we'll put in focus the impact of deficits and debt on our lives and our future. plus, the prince and his bride and the ties that bind going back six generations. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. they sounded the alarm one week ago, but it wasn't what congress wanted to hear. the two men who shared a presidential commission on cutting red ink in wch cd


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